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Anyone Can Whistle

26th - 29th April, 2023

The Cryer, Carshalton

Book by Arthur Laurents

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Director: Katie Leitch

Musical Director: Nicholas Shaikh

Anyone Can Whistle tells the story of a corrupt mayoress who fakes a miracle to revitalize her bankrupt town (through the resulting pilgrim trade) and the ill-fated romance between the rational nurse, out to expose the fraud, and the easygoing doctor who is determined to enjoy the chaos that it brings. In the end, the show delivers a poignant message about the importance of the individual in a conformist society – but not before aiming its still-relevant barbs at government, religion, science and anything else that stands in its way! 

Cast List

Cora Hooper Hoover - Sally Jones
Fay Apple - Caitlin Carey
J Bowden Hapgood - Will Wilson
Comptroller Schub - Didrik Finne
Treasurer Cooley - James Stearn
Police Chief Magruder - Stephen Chalkley
Baby Joan - Kirsty Smith
Mrs Schroeder - Nichola Dalziel
Dr Detmold - Tom McGowan

Cookies - Victoria Ashman, Lian Finne, Ella Goulding, Hayley Morgan, Jamie McCandlish, Jo McCandlish, Bernie O'Sullivan


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